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Dr. Chris Kan


closed Dec.22 - Jan.9

Tuesday to Thursday
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2696 Arbutus Street
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Vancouver, BC  V6J 5L8


Restorative Services

  • Composite/White/Metal-free fillings  We use only white fillings when placing a new filling or replacing an existing one. During the replacement of old silver-mercury amalgam fillings, we isolate the rest of your mouth with a rubber dam to prevent the metal fragments from being swallowed. Check out our gallery for examples of white fillings.

  • Crowns and Bridges  When there isn't enough tooth left to fill it, a 'cap' or crown is often the next best option. Crowns are usually indicated for teeth with large fillings that are broken or worn, or that have cavities around or underneath the filling. To prepare a tooth for a crown, a thin layer of tooth is ground away to provide space for the tooth-coloured, tooth-shaped covering that is glued on top of the prepared tooth.

    Bridges are one way to replace a missing tooth; by crowning the teeth on either side of the missing tooth (joined together by a crown in the middle) the gap where the missing tooth is located becomes restored with the bridge.

  • Dental Implants  Another way to replace missing teeth is by placing an artificial root into the bone in the missing tooth's space, onto which a crown can be installed. This is usually a superior option as compared to dentures or bridges.

We are happy to discuss in detail the pros and cons of the above restorative options. Please ask at your next visit.

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