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Before and After

Dr. Chris Kan


2696 Arbutus Street
(at West 11th Avenue)
Vancouver, BC  V6J 5L8

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Invisalign in Vancouver: straight teeth, no braces

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Before & After

The photos below show actual results achieved by Dr. Chris Kan.

Whitening #1

teeth whitening before and after

4+ shades lighter after completion of at-home whitening

Whitening #2

teeth whitening before and after

5 shades lighter after completion of at-home whitening

Whitening #3

single, dark, root-canaled tooth whitening before and after

single, dark tooth lightened after one hour in-office whitening

Bonding #1

bonding before and after

Gap between front teeth was closed without drilling teeth

Whitening followed by Bonding

whitening and bonding before and after


veneers before and after

Broken tooth and its neighbour replaced by two veneers


veneers before and after

Smile rejuvenation by veneers


crowns before and after

Broken, repaired, front teeth replaced by two crowns

White Filling #1

White Filling #2

White Fillings #3

White Filling #4

This gallery is frequently updated. Please visit again for more before and after photos.

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