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How We Are Different

Mission Statement

Dr. Chris Kan



Dr. Chris Kan


closed Dec.22 - Jan.9

Tuesday to Thursday
8:00 am to 6:00 pm
alternating Fridays
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

2696 Arbutus Street
(at West 11th Avenue)
Vancouver, BC  V6J 5L8


How We Are Different

Say goodbye to "old school" dentistry!  We're different than what you've experienced in the past.

  • On time.  We respect your time. An appointment booked with us is a promise that you'll be present for treatment and we'll be here to serve you -- punctually.

  • No doublebooking.  Have you put up with impersonal, rushed, assembly-line style treatment? Unlike many offices, we never doublebook. Instead, we focus 100% of our resources towards serving only one patient at a time. Every time. This way, each patient receives our undivided attention and personalised care - the way  you deserve to be treated.

  • High tech.  Our liquid crystal display (LCD) screens - both overhead and chair-side - enable you to watch TV during your visits as well as participate actively in your own treatment planning. "Techies" love us!

  • Drill-less dentistry.  By using a technique known as air abrasion, we are able to very conservatively treat certain kinds of cavities WITHOUT using a drill! Air abrasion works by blowing a concentrated stream of clean air mixed with particles of aluminum oxide into the area of the cavities. This technique removes less healthy tooth material than a drill, preserving more of your tooth. Other advantages of this treatment include little to no discomfort - thus eliminating the need for anesthetic, shorter appointments, and no screechy drill noise!

  • Continuously filtered air.  We are one of the first in the world to use the award-winning Sharp Plasmacluster FP-R65CX Air Purifying System in a clinical area to continuously clean airborne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, and even dust. Breathe fresher, cleaner air during your treatment more 'dental office smell' !

  • Intra-oral Cameras.  Our fiber optic intra-oral cameras allow you to see everything that we see - in superb detail and close-up (10-40X actual size). It's so easy to see cracks or signs of wear or even actual cavities. People love seeing for themselves --usually for the very first time -- what's happening in their mouth!

  • Magnification.  To provide the best care for our patients, we use 3.5X magnifiying telescopes to allow us to see fine details with better visual acuity and prevent eyestrain and improve ergonomics. This means a superior level of care for our patients, since we can only perform as well as we can see. Please consider this dramatic comparison of unmagnified versus magnified mouth views (remember: we use 3.5X magnification): Magnification = better quality.

  • Digital X-Rays.  Traditional, stamp-sized x-rays are tiny and difficult to read even for those of us who went through dental school. With digital x-rays, we can enlarge the x-rays onto the LCD screen right beside you, enabling you to understand your oral health. They also require far less radiation!

  • Conservative, "less is best" approach.  The truth is, the less we do to a tooth, the better off that tooth is. That's why we prefer to recommend treatment options which are going to conserve the most tooth structure...and very often this means we'll recommend doing nothing at all.

  • Open evenings.  We're here for you because you can't miss work or school.

  • Convenient location.  We're centrally located in Kits within walking distance to local transit routes. We'll reimburse you for your metered parking too.

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